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Plea to Roku

Greetings Customer Advocate Gang-

Last week I was very excited to see a Roku post on Facebook saying that Roku 2 would have captioning, not because I was planning on buying an R2 but because I believed that the software update would surely be available for my XD device. I browsed over to the main website to see if there was perhaps a news item to confirm my belief but i didn’t see one, so I moved over to the support page. While I was scanning the page a chat window popped up and asked if I needed help, so I tried posing my question there. The gist of the whole chat came down to these few lines that I thought made a horrible case for Roku to the detriment of their base customers, Continue reading Plea to Roku


Roku 2

So today I chatted with CS on Roku’s website regarding my big question on their new feature for Roku 2 players. Here’s the transcript of the chat:

Hello Dan Osmundson. How may I help you?

Dan Osmundson##:00:25
I see that Roku 2 has support for captioning. I have a Roku XDS and was previously told that we could get captioning via a software update in the Settings menu Software Update on the XDS. So when will this software update be available? Thanks, Dan

I am sorry, there is no software upgrade for the XDS player to get the closed captions.
Only the Roku 2 players have closed captions.

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