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Art, Design, Music & Technology Links…

A List Apart (
  • “For people who make websites”. Topics: * Code * Content * Culture * Design * Process * User Science. This, like Zeldman’s site is an excellent resource for learning “standards” web design.
A Singular Creation
  • is a one of a kind art community that provides many wonderful resources for artists such as: a unique online gallery, free art opportunities newsletter, art contests and shows, art forums for critique with a user gallery and much more.
Absolute Arts – Dan’s Link (
  • There’s wide variety of art displayed here ranging from amateur to professional. This site has been around a lot longer and has seen a lot of growth in the quality of work on display. I got in early so I still have my maximum four pieces on display for free… Actually, you can still have four pieces on display for free and sell them via Absolute Arts.
Artshop @ Dan Osmundson’s Art’n’Design
  • is my latest website that is structurally complete. It’s still in the works, as I need to upload images of paintings that I have for sale, but you can drop by and shop for some unique Expressionist artwork by me, Dan Osmundson. This is my first e-commerce site, aside from the Spreadshirts and Cafe Press e-commerce models. I still need them to print my wearables but with my Artshop you and I can cut out the middle-man (aside from PayPal), as they say, and keep prices lower. If you see something that is in my art portfolio that is not in my artshop, and you would like to purchase it, let me know and I’ll add it to my artshop. If you’re in the market for an original oil or would prefer to have a inkjet digital reproduction of something, I can do that – Let me know.
Perkey Fine Art Advisor,
  • Professional art consulting services in Los Angeles California. Specialist in unique and outstanding contemporary art for your collection with expert guidance for private collectors and corporations. Call (310) 204-2787.
Aspen Graphics Photography (
  • Do you enjoy breath-taking, scenic, landscape photography? Check this site out. I went to undergrad at Saint Olaf College with the Photographer, Leif Rudd. He has a great eye for nature and really invests in his art – have a look and enjoy!
BrijiRaj ( *
  • I found this website via StumbleUpon and I have found the posts there to be very interesting personally, including the latest on SEO. A previous post on Adobe AIR (link is gone now) software/technology was also very interesting. I have added a link here, so I can bop back often and read more interesting articles on art, design and technology.
Dan Osmundson’s Art & Design (dano_dna @ CafePress)
  • There’s not a lot here right now but I’ll be converting some designs and paintings and hopefully be coming up with some fresh designs for this shop as well.
    • This one has wearables, including Tees
    • This one has Hats & Bags
    • This one has Wares… mugs, cards, and other miscellany
Chris Coyier (
  • Let’s see, I have never met the guy (other than via email and his online presence) but he seems like the kind of guy with whom you could meet and easily hit it off. My first encounter with him was via I think he’s moved on from there now, though. On his homepage ( he dubs himself, “Web designer. Wanna-be developer. Old-time music lover. Blogger. From Portland, Oregon.” He’s got lots of projects going and if you visit his site you’ll see it all. My recent favorites are his Screencasts. Once you have a look at a few of these, you’ll realize the guy is also a very kind person and a good teacher. is a really good way to learn stuff that you need to know if you are a web designer, including some development – the more the better.
Dan Osmundson’s aRt-shiRts (T-shirt shop @
  • This is another new venture… if you’d like to make a small investment in a wearable piece of art, follow this link to buy a shirt with an image of one of my designs or paintings. I have several options there now but I’ll be converting more and hopefully be coming up with some fresh designs.
Dan Osmundson @ Connect Hancock
  • I just joined this Business/Social Networking site. It’s a nice in addition to where I also have an account for business networking.
Dan Osmundson’s Coroflot Profile (
  • This is an account set up to provide potential employers and those needing a designer to view my portfolio of web design work, similar to the AIGA website.
Dan Osmundson’s – Faculty Website (Ivy Tech)
Dan O Art @ (
  • I’m testing this site as a place to blog and connect with art and design folks.
Dan Osmundson @ Jobster (
  • This is my presence at Jobster. This site, as mentioned below, puts the job seeker and the job providers into a pool of names, skills, experiences, etc. There is no anonymity, so you might have the person who has a specific job contact you and ask you if you are interested. This is very different than Career Builder or Monster, so if you don’t want to have folks knowing a little about you, I wouldn’t recommend having an account here… unless you simply don’t put much into it.
Dan Osmundson’s Page (
  • I found this site while visiting Kevin Hemenway’s blog, Kevin writes many articles for O’Reilly Publishing. I had been reading some of these related to Apache Webserver setup for Mac OS X at O’Reilly’s
Dan Osmundson @ Mosaic Globe (
  • This another freebie site “out there” that lends itself to displaying my (and others’) artwork, and linking possibilities. I have a few of the same pieces there as I have on my art page. This is similar to Absolute Arts but does not allow you to sell your work. They do post opportunities for exhibitions and contests, however.

Dan O @ MySpace (
  • Just another way to connect/network with me regarding art and design issues. I’ll have a few samples here, hopefully soon (11/05/07).
Doodle (
  • This is a free online calendar system that allows you to create a poll to send out to hopeful attendees. Those invited respond with their best possible times/places to meet, etc. (whatever is included in your poll) and then you get an email telling you the results of your invitation… hopefully there’s a common date/time/place to meet. There is not a page to register to use this tool but I did see that you can use it to advertise or incorporate it into your organization by renting a branded version – see their about page.
Jeff Hughart’s (
  • “Welcome to Jeff Hughart’s own world of demented art and creative doings.” … this is the website’s description meta tag. All of the work on Jeff’s site is very interesting, expressive and packs a PUNCH! I wouldn’t consider it demented by any means, however. My favorites are the crude figurative works with often terse and/or obtuse titles. Jeff sells a lot of work on eBay where, in my opinion, he sells much too low, but that just means better deals for everyone. Enjoy a great show and if you drop him a line, please tell him I sent you.
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents (
  • “web design news & info since 1995” …
  • Zeldman is one of the biggest players in the movement for web standards. I consider this guy to be a wizard of web design. He’s written two excellent books, Designing with Web Standards (and a Second edition), as well as many other books. Also see A List Apart above.
Lew Woolner’s Portfolio of Pastel Paintings (
  • This is a new site that I recently designed for a friend and colleague of mine, Lew Woolner. He does some very exciting, rich and vibrant pastel paintings. I met Lew way back in 1991 when I joined an arts cooperative, SEMVA – Southeastern Minnesota Visual Artists, in Rochester, MN. He used to have a spot in the gallery at SEMVA but is now looking for new avenues to get his work to art enthusiasts and potential buyers and collectors. Check out his work online. He also has a landing page at Absolute Arts. (my playlist)
  • This is a really cool music service that has lots of free downloadable mp3’s. It helps you find music/bands like the stuff you already like, if you just know how to type and you know the stuff you already like. Be careful! It can be addictive and time-consuming! Check out my playlist! In addition to the songs that I’ve included, has a very good algorithm to predict other songs that I might like.

Pandora Radio (my account link)
  • Cool streaming radio… I currently have two radio stations there: Brave Combo and Greg Brown. You provide an artist’s name and they put that into their musical thesaurus which spits out a stream of songs, your radio station. It’s a lot like, maybe better though.
Simply Devine Jewelry Design (
  • This is a site that I designed for a good friend who does jewelry design and calligraphy. I had the most fun putting the gallery together as I was able to look at her designs pretty closely while cropping and scaling the image files. Thanks Betty!
Stumble Upon (
  • This site has great possibilities for exploration of topics, connecting with like minded individuals and sharing knowledge on various levels. Here’s my page:
Talent Database (
  • I recently found this site via a member at StumbleUpon. Anyone can sign up and display his/her talent. Although the system is pretty slow, it’s pretty easy to upload files into my portfolio. So far I’ve only uploaded a few of my fine art pieces, oil paintings, but I may add some web design samples here as well.
Wendell Arneson (
  • I want to be like Wendell when I grow up… this guy is an amazing person and artist! His paintings rival those of Picasso, Van Gogh, Kandinsky… I was lucky enough to studied art/painting with him at St. Olaf College.

Job Search Links/Sites…

You may already know very well where to look for and find jobs but just in case you don’t here’s a list that you might find useful. Each one can be used without an account but it is much more efficient to get an account.

Career Builder (
  • This is a great way to set up 5 free automated searches for location, job type, with keywords. Searches can be sent to your email address at regular intervals.
Dice – Job search for Technology Professionals (
  • This is another great way to set up 5 free automated searches for location, job type, with keywords. Searches can be sent to your email address at regular intervals.
JobHero (
  • I don’t have direct experience using this one but a recent visitor recommends this one saying, “JobHero ( has a lot of great career-related information.
Monster (
Jobster (
  • This is another great way to set up free automated searches for location, job type, with keywords, etc. and easily network with others who are job seekers and posters (sometimes recruiters for many companies). Searches can be sent to your email address at regular intervals.
Monster (
  • This is yet another great way to set up 5 free automated searches for location, job type, with keywords. Searches can be sent to your email address at regular intervals.

Tools Links…

Adobe Systems Inc. (
  • I use Adobe Photoshop, ImageReady and Illustrator. My license for Dreamweaver and the Studio 8 bundle still say Macromedia, but as soon as I buy the latest version it will all be Adobe. I’m going for the Adobe CS3 Web Premium bundle.
Apple Computer (
  • I highly admire Apple Computer, their products and services and their way of doing business. I own two Macs: a PowerMac G5 2.7Ghz DP and a Beige PowerMac G3 266 Mhz (this one has been modified to the Nth degree over from 1998- 2005).
  • I also had a .Mac account for email, creating photo blogs and easy to maintain secure login sites. I started that site at .Mac (now MobileMe) as a portfolio which grew and then I mainly used the account for the many alias emails and iDisk storage… but farewell to that! Read more…
Epson America, Inc.
  • I own a R1800 printer and a Perfection 3170 scanner. I really like the features of each of these and still have not put the printer through all of it’s paces!
  • I use Word, PowerPoint and Excel from Mac Office 2004.
Toon Boom (
  • I really like this product and bought a copy of the Studio, so now I’ll be spending some time learning yet another package and getting back to one of my passions, animation!
Wacom ( *


  • #1 Overall Best Registrar
  • $8.95 .COM Domains
  • $1.99 Domain Name Sale
  • I use GoDaddy and have promoted their hosting. They have a very good control panel to allow great control over one’s website and it’s pretty easy to use. I am not a developer per se (although I am quite adept to learning development) but adding site enhancements via the “My Applications” section of the hosting control panel is relatively pain-free with user reviews, help and forums. A few of the Open Source applications that I’ve tried out are a bit out of date but that’s a bit out of GoDaddy’s control.
Host Gator
  • While surfing for CMS apps today I ran into You really get lot for your hard earned $$ with their plans. I sometimes wish there were easier ways to switch hosting providers, although I am happy with GoDaddy right now. The price/value ratio with Host Gator seems very attractive. I am especially interested in the Linux Web Hosting Hatchling and Baby plans. If anyone happens upon this review (imo) and have had any experiences (positive and/or negative) with Host Gator, please send me your thoughts.