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does "googleon/googleoff" work?

So I'm in search of a means to make Google's search crawl see specific Event information. The problem is that even with a clear JSON-marked page, sometimes Google scrapes other information from a page and smashes it together with the JSON Event info. Solution? Maybe it will work with "googleon" and "googleoff" tags... I found an article that refers to these tags and how to use them, so I thought I'd give it a try here. Even though this is not an Event post, so far, this entire paragraph should be indexed.

So the following two bullet points are examples of "googleoff" and "googleon":

  • This is normal content that should be indexed by Google. "googleoff" follows this bullet point.
  • This un-noteworthy content should NOT be indexed by Google. "googleon" follows this bullet point, so the next paragraph should be indexed.