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Love Songs!

I built this list per a call for "love songs" from our IFSA-Butler Social Staff News reporter; V-day is upcoming, you see. Not all of these are strictly "love songs" of the mushy sort but more artists and songs that I really like and some have "elements" of love.

Paul Kelly

“You’re Learning”, //

“Dumb Things”, //

“Careless”, //

“Song From The Sixteenth Floor”, //

Brave Combo

“Patricia Twist”, //

Greg Brown

“Marriage Chant”, //

“Blue Car”, //

“Spring Wind”, //

Daniel Lanois

“Jolie Louise”, //

Lucinda Williams

“Sweet Old World“, //

Michelle Shocked

“On the Greener Side”, //

Dan Zanes

“Hello Hello”, //

“All Around the Kitchen”, //